financing-couple-laptopBack in the “Old Days”… Comfort pretty much meant to keep warm in the winter and the bigger the furnace the better!

Today we know that bigger isn’t better. In fact we now have two stage and modulating furnaces to heat our homes slower to give more even and comfortable heating.

We have flow-thru and steam humidifiers to help maintain moisture levels for better health and comfort. Also for better health there are high efficient ventilators (HRV’S), air purifiers, and even HEPA filtration systems that can be integrated with your HVAC system.

And to tie it all together we have digital controls that can integrate all of your equipment so that it works together as a “system” instead of it all being pieced together.

We have systems now that will not only keep us warm, but can greatly enhance our comfort and health during the cold winter months.

We also find that air conditioning is becoming more and more popular here in Edmonton which of course adds comfort in the summer.

When considering a new furnace or air conditioning purchase, it’s in your best interest to consult with an experienced and “qualified” HVAC professional to discuss your options.

Do your due diligence here… Many HVAC companies will send out inexperienced “sales people” and many times those sale people have no real world experience when it comes to installing a new comfort system let alone designing a system that will work properly.

There’e a big difference between furnace and A/C sales, and home comfort design. And a proper install starts with proper design.

Don’t Gamble When Choosing An HVAC Company
To Install A New Furnace or Air Conditioning System!

Instead… Put The Odds In Your Favor and Call A True Professional.

We won’t send out an amateur to meet with you, we’ll send out a true professional Home Comfort Designer. A journeyman technician with 17 years of experience in the HVAC industry who has personally installed, maintained and repaired thousands of residential HVAC systems. An honest professional with nothing but your best interest in mind.

For professional Home Comfort Design, Call us Today at (780) 905-9594!